Quill and Arrow Media LLC


A small production house, for big stories.

Crafting video through narrative fiction, documentary and client work. 



2017 Reel.  An exploitation of narrative and commercial work, as well as travel videography.

Harper Short Film


Harper is a short dramatic/science-fiction film that follows a stranded time-traveller as she struggles to regain the courage to move forward in her journey.

This project is intended to inspire young women to pursue careers in the sciences, while creating opportunity for diverse Michigan filmmakers.

Windows short film


Nora is a solitary woman who enjoys the company of only her audio books. But when new neighbors move in next door, Nora becomes curious of their relationship. As she continues to watch them, her curiosity transforms into something more complex


The Artist Collective Project: Mitten


Check out the details for Quill and Arrow Media's feature length documentary, 'The Artist Collective Project: Mitten' - following 5 artists on a road-trip through Michigan as they explore artistic influence within various regions of the state.