Prepping the first shot of the day - March 27, 2018.

Prepping the first shot of the day - March 27, 2018.

Nora is a quiet woman who enjoys the company only of her audio books.  But when her serenity is interrupted by new neighbors moving in next door, Nora begins to experience feelings she's never had before.  

The short film Windows was produced in March, 2018 with writer Burke di Piazza and writer/producer Bradley Michael, who put their heads together purely for the sake of making something creative.  In early fall of 2017, they met regularly to converse through a number of narrative ideas and concepts, being mindful to develop a piece that was representative of their voice as filmmakers.  Windows is a story inspired by a podcast that follows a woman who watches her neighbors for a number of years.  

At the end of the year, Bryan di Piazza (Burke's brother) was brought onto the project as a director.  Windows spent 11 weeks in pre-production, during which time, Michael Bessom (Production Designer), Michael Medici (Director of Photography), and Shanna Dempsey (Editor) were brought onto the project.  Windows was shot over a 3 day period in late March, 2018 in Chelsea, Michigan.

Project Updates

May 31 - Picture locked, sent to sound design and color grading.
July 17 - Original scoring complete - thank you Charles Iverson.
August 31 - Sound design complete - thank you Plymouth Rock Recording Studio.

The Shoot



Robyn Lipnicki  as  Nora Ames .

Robyn Lipnicki as Nora Ames.

Anna Doyle  as  May/Young Woman.   Anna's  Website   Anna'a  IMDB

Anna Doyle as May/Young Woman.

Anna's Website

Anna'a IMDB

Michael Lopetrone  as  Tom/Young Man .  Michael's  Website   Michael's  IMDB

Michael Lopetrone as Tom/Young Man.

Michael's Website

Michael's IMDB



Writer - Burke di Piazza

Burke di Piazza was born and bred a Michigander. He earned his BBA degree from Grand Valley State University in 2013, with a focus in Marketing. In the chase for creative fulfillment...and a paycheck, Burke became a writer at Doner, an advertising agency in Detroit. It's here where he continues to write television ads for brands such as Jeep, Serta, Minute Maid, as well as many others. Although his career is in advertising, his true passion resides in music and film; passions he hopes to someday take to the forefront of his writing career.


Producer/Writer - Bradley Michael

Bradley Michael was born and raised in Michigan's Detroit area.  He has long been a lover of film and theatre, graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2012 with B.S in Fiction Filmmaking.  Since graduating, Bradley has worked in the camera department of feature films Papou and Horse Camp, starring Dean Cain.  Bradley's full length play So Long Until Tomorrow was produced in 2014 at The AKT Theatre Project in Wyandotte, MI.  

Most recently, Bradley completed a feature length documentary, The Artist Collective Project: Mitten, and a dramatic short narrative The Mountaineers of Katoomba.

Bradley is also an avid traveller, having visited Australia, Japan, Nepal, Utah's Zion area, and is currently preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in the spring of 2019.

He currently resides in Farmington Hills, MI.

Bryan BTS 5.jpg

Director - Bryan di Piazza

Production Design - Michael Bessom

Michael Bessom was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Kalamazoo College with a focus on directing. Michael was a regional finalist for the Society of Directors and Choreographers - Directing Fellowship Competition at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

His work earned him the opportunity to be an assistant director for the ACTF/NNPN MFA Playwrights Workshop at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Michael then went on to join the apprentice program at Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre Company. Most recently Michael was living and working in Los Angeles as a production coordinator.


Director of Photography - Michael Medici

Michael’s love for cinema came young, when he saw Spielberg’s ‘Munich’ in theaters after writing a middle school report on that same subject. Soon after, he began writing and shooting small projects throughout high school and knew film school was his next goal. Having attended college in Chicago and finishing his education in West Michigan, Michael has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from large commercial sets to feature films.

Currently, Michael works in the field as a creative producer, and fills his free time developing concepts and shooting various projects with his closest collaborators. Among his favorite films are Children of Men, Under the Skin, and The Big Lebowski. Off set, Michael enjoys capturing his day-to-day on 35mm film and traveling frequently. 

portrait SHANNA.png

Editor - Shanna Dempsey

Shanna Dempsey grew up in the rural Flathead Indian Reservation in Northwestern

Montana. Her Native heritage, culture and reservation life has always influenced how she

matured as an artist. Shanna is dedicated to creating a better understanding of Indigenous People and create a dialogue that will shift the conversation from the past to the present.

Shanna studied Painting and Film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then she graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2007, where she concentrated on directing, editing and cinematography. She ran a production company called American Buffalo Productions,

based out of Denver, for 5 years where she worked on music videos, marketing videos for local companies and filmed live events around the area.  Her paintings have been exhibited nationally and her film, "The Dance of My Beating Heart" was enthusiastically received at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Currently she is a creative Editor at Doner, a Detroit based advertising agency. She continues to pursue the arts through her paintings as well as her involvement in Independent films.