Wise Words

Wise Words is a short narrative fiction film about a young man who is fearful of falling short of the potential his grandfather wanted for him.  He meets a quirky, socially awkward girl who helps pry him out of his shell.

This project was completed in 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI as part of Bradley Micheal's Senior Thesis.  It is a student film with a run time of 19 minutes and 14 seconds.


Wise Words explores that dramatic side of young people’s coming-of-age interpersonal struggles, and the possibilities that can arise from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. 

Drake Vintar is coping with the passing of his grandfather.  He has an odd run-in with a socially awkward girl named Willow, who won’t stop taking Drake’s picture.  But after helping Willow out of a tight spot, Drake is surprised to stumble on a newfound friendship.  After he learns that she has been following him longer than he thought, Drake becomes hesitant to continue moving forward down a path that he isn't comfortable with.